It is important to know that a session is usually based on a one on one session with your instructor, to ensure that you learn the method safely and efficiently. Once you are on your way and have developed enough knowledge of the method and of your own body you may choose to join a group session or for maximum progression, continue your private sessions.

NB: Please note that all clients working in group sessions must have completed a series of private sessions first to fully understand the application and execution of the Authentic Pilates system of exercise.

If you are recovering from an injury or have medical or physical problems, you will need to work in private one on one sessions until such time that you are ready to progress to work with other clients.

Only those who are experienced in the Pilates Method, are injury free and have a healthy body will be accepted into a group session ie: trio or quad.

For the experienced Pilates client, Pilates intermediate and advanced sessions can be performed at pace with flow and precision making for not only an intense strengthening workout but also a cardiovascular one.

Each session is 55 minutes in duration.

Open 6 days a week – Monday to Saturday – Privates sessions by appointment to suit your schedule.

A full body workout incorporating the reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, barrels, mat and small apparatus.

NOTE: All sessions inclusive of GST. Credit card charges apply as follows: C/ C 2% – EFPOS 1%

Casual Private session $98 /  5 x Visit pass $ 450 / 10 x Visit pass $850

Private sessions with Principal Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Olga Tamara – $120 per session

NOTE: No more than 4 in a group.
Casual Class $55 / 5 visit pass  $250 / 10 Visit Pass $450

For session times please call the studio on 02 98187611.

NOTE: These sessions are available for anyone wanting to work with Authentic Pilates Education Australia (APEA) teacher training program apprentice teachers who have not yet completed their training. Only apprentices who have have been found competent and passed the beginner course will be available to teach these session.
Casual private studio sessions only are available when working with apprentices. $55 per private session.
To find out about times available please call the studio on 02 98187611.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7am to 8pm
Friday 7am to 4pm
Saturday 7am to 2pm

Note: Bookings are necessary for all sessions. After each session you will need to book for your next session unless you have secured a permanent booking. Our schedule will be tailored to suit yours.

All series of sessions expire between 3 to 6 months from the date of purchase. There are no refunds or transfer of  any sessions purchased unless otherwise arranged personally with Studio management.

Cancellations: To avoid being charged for the full rate of a scheduled session, please make sure you cancel at least 24 hours in advance. If you arrive late you will be given only the remainder of your scheduled time unless the instructor has no consecutive bookings or outstanding commitments.

Showers: Towels and other toiletries are provided by the Studio for your convenience.

Clothing: You should dress in comfortable clothes that allow you to move your body freely. Pilates also emphasizes correct alignment and form, so your clothing should optimally be fitted enough to allow your instructor to be better able to observe your alignment.

Call 02 98187611 to book an initial session. After your initial session you will be able to book and cancel your sessions online. All cancellation require 24 hour notice.