Joseph in his NY studio

Who can use Pilates?
Pilates is suitable for all body types and fitness levels from the highest performing athlete to individuals with a variety of health problems. Our clients are men, women and children over the age of fourteen and consist of business professionals, housewives, athletes, artists, and senior citizens.

Isn’t all Pilates the same?
ALL PILATES IS NOT THE SAME – The popularity of Joseph Pilate’s teaching has popularised in recent years and many fitness professionals are now offering Pilates inspired programmes, or in some cases combining what they call Pilates with exercises from other training regimes. The Authentic Pilates Method is different because it refers to the system of exercises that were originally taught and developed by Joseph Pilates, whose unique training regime has proven itself for more than 85yrs as an effective and safe method of exercise. Authentic Pilates is progressive and challenging.
Do Pilates for either rehab or strengthening an already healthy body. If you want a STRONG workout, prepared to sweat!

What makes Pilates so unique?
Unlike other body conditioning programs, the focus of the Pilates Method is based on the six Pilates principals. Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow. This makes Pilates truly a workout for the mind and the body. Quality is emphasized over quantity. Fewer repetitions are demanded and true concentration is required. Symmetry, control and flow of movement are stressed. The mind is fully engaged while performing each movement, allowing one to have greater muscle control and coordination.

How can I be sure that my instructor is teaching authentic Pilates?
Potential Pilates students need to research their instructors’ certification. Some certification programs require little training and other programs are quite rigorous. Authentic Pilates refers to the body-conditioning program taught by the Pilates Studio in New York City.  Instructors  at Authentic Pilates, must complete a rigorous training program and apprenticeship. This program includes a number of pre-requisite sessions with a certified instructor, attendance at a series of training seminars, and an apprenticeship of no less than 600 hours. During these hours the apprentice observes certified instructors and is guided by a “Teacher of Teachers¨. A series of three practical exams written exams must be passed prior to solo teaching. Pilates instructors also require a Pilates Diploma and become a member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia.

What condition do I need to be in before starting my Pilates training?
Pilates is suitable for all fitness levels and body types.

Will Pilates help me lose weight?
Pilates changes the body by not only increasing the overall strength of the body, but by toning the body without creating bulk! It is not a weight loss program. Clients do however alter the look of their bodies by lengthening and firming muscles. You will look better and feel wonderful! To lose weight a controlled healthy eating plan in conjunction with exercise is ideal.

Should I begin with private sessions?
Private sessions are recommended so that instructor assess the client’s needs and give true individual attention. In your privates sessions you will work the full system of the Pilates Method which includes mat and apparatus work. Once you have mastered the basics you may then consider working with a duet partner, trio or in a reformer class. Please note that duets, trios or reformer classes are not recommended for individuals with serious injuries or limitations. Such individuals should inquire about private instruction.

What is the difference between mat classes and private sessions?
Mat classes consist of exercises performed on a mat with some movements performed with magic circles and free-weights. Private sessions consist of movements performed on special equipment, or apparatus, originally designed by Joseph Pilates. These include the Reformer, Cadillac (or wall unit) , Wunda Chair, High Chair, Small Barrel, and Large Barrel, as well as many other pieces of equipment unique to Pilates. A typical private session consists of reformer and mat with work on other apparatus done at the end of each session according to the needs of the body.

How do I make an appointment for a session?
Call the studio on (02) 98187611 or contact us on line.